Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
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About Us

Davy Garland in his element
Log Works Ltd is based just out of Carterton in the beautiful Wairarapa. Davy Garland established the business ten years ago after studying Forestry at University and has worked extensively in forestry, sawmilling, earthworks, and firewood since. He is joined by his partner, Sally Newcombe and their team of employees. 
The business runs the entire process - from standing tree in a forest to end product. It is efficient, and rewarding, to do things this way. Someone can buy decking timber or firewood and know exactly where the trees were standing. At the yard, logs are sawn into timber which is graded as Landscape (planter boxes/raised gardens/edging), Framing (construction, fencing, panelling, tongue and groove, decking) or as Clears (joinery and furniture). Leftovers from sawmilling are split into firewood using modern equipment. Nothing goes to waste, not even the sawdust.

As well as harvesting trees to supply their own sawmill and firewood operation, Log Works also harvests, trucks and exports logs through Wellington Port. 

Macrocarpa and Radiata Pine are their usual choices for sawmilling but they are also interested in other species like Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus, and Redwood.  

The Log Works operation is almost entirely mechanised so the small team can achieve large volumes safely and easily. Manual chainsawing is almost a thing of the past for Log Works. Trees are felled using a 50 tonne excavator with a fixed felling head. Firewood is cut and split with precision by one person pushing buttons on the firewood machine. 
You can discover some of the products and services on offer by browsing the pages of this website. But as always, feel free to contact us if you have something else in mind. We love a challenge!