Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
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Discounted 6m3 Mixed Species Firewood Loads
Log Works Ltd

Discounted 6m3 Mixed Species Firewood Loads

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If you're not buying a full load of the same species then the next cheapest option we have are these discounted full truckloads of mixed species. We have a divider in our 6m3 truck so you will receive 3m3 of one species and 3m3 of the other. A fantastic opportunity to team up a faster burning species like Pine with a slower species like Macro (a good allrounder, easy to light but burns slowly overnight) or Gum (a harder wood which burns hotter and slower). 

This wood is wet so you'll need to allow for it to dry with plenty of ventilation (ideally outside or in a shed with airflow, do NOT store it under a tarpaulin!). A rough guide as to how long it will take to dry: 

Pine: 6-8 weeks, Macrocarpa: 8-10 weeks, Gum: 10-12 weeks.

If the combination you're after isn't listed then go into the individual species and select how much you'd like of each one to a total of 6m3 (in each transaction - you're welcome to order more as separate transactions!)

Our process involves a cross cutter which cuts the logs to uniform length. A splitter which reliably dissects the log to a desirable firewood size that can be adjusted (usually 30cm). A cleaner which removes the rubbishy bits. A concrete pad to hold the wood so that the firewood you receive is free of mud and gravel. The result? Fantastic, good quality firewood. 

WINZ Quotes available - please contact us. 


Charges for freight will show up when you enter your address at checkout. We are happy for you to mix species but please don't order more than 6m3 in a single order as the delivery rates will not be correct. 

If you have any questions, then please contact us on 027 4188582 or logworksltd@gmail.com as there are many variables! Note that you are unable to pick a freight option if you're trying to buy both firewood and timber in one order so please contact us so we can combine freight.