Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
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How is Macrocarpa timber graded?

We generally grade our timber as either Landscape Grade, Framing Grade or Clears.

Landscaping Grade timber is ideal for projects such as planter boxes and raised garden beds or edges. The wood could include large knots, bark, bugs and/or a little rot.

Framing Grade timber won’t include knots that are bigger than a third of the cross section of the timber. There won’t be any bark, bugs or rot. This makes it appropriate for all sorts of construction purposes, furniture, panelling and decking etc. 

Clear timber, as its name suggests, is timber free from knots, bark, bugs or rot. It is ideal for joinery work and high quality furniture (for example, dining tables, chest of drawers, kitchens and doors etc). 

We have the capability to dress the Framing Grade or Clear timber. Please contact us for more information on this. Options include:

  • Square dressed,
  • Dressed four sides with the corners rounded off,
  • Tongue and groove (standard or secret nail), and
  • TGV (standard or secret nail).

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