Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
Wairarapa based. Delivering Timber nationwide!
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Is Macrocarpa Timber treated?

Macrocarpa Timber is not treated using chemicals which makes it the eco-friendly option.

Macrocarpa heartwood is naturally durable to the equivalent of H3 treated Pine. Pine H3, H4 and H5 describes pine timber that has been treated with increasing levels of CCA (Copper, Chromium, and Arsenic). Given this process involves toxic chemicals it has been banned or restricted in some countries (including USA) however we still use it widely in New Zealand. The fact that Macrocarpa is durable without being filled with chemicals regarded as poison makes it a great choice for a wide range of uses.

Macrocarpa heartwood is more durable than its sapwood. Macrocarpa is quite a golden colour which can be maintained by varnish or oil. Left naturally outside, it will weather to a silver grey colour.

Macrocarpa is ideal for outdoor use like garden edging and furniture but also works easily and is useful for exposed internal beams or internal lining

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